The Agua Clara Visitors Center

Once you leave the great Colon city and take about a 25-minute drive out to the Clear Water Locks, you’re in for a beautiful ride with breathtaking sceneries. Passing by the great Panama rentals and Panama condos, you’ll finally stumble upon a marvelous treasure that is Agua Clara Visitors Center. If you’re eager to discover all the secrets of The… >>

The Casco Viejo Experience

Casco Viejo is a legendary district in Panama City. It’s famous for its rustic beauty and unique charm. Also, it has become a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning colonial mansions and other historical buildings. Therefore, this is a small but seeing-worthy neighborhood. Above all, its popularity has recently increased, and many Americans have started moving to Panama…. >>

History and Guide to the Amador

The old US military post of Amador, located just south of Balboa, is a largely uninhabited territory connected to three islands by a breakwater known as the Calzada de Amador (Amador Causeway). It spans about two miles into the Pacific Ocean, connecting the mainland to three islands: Isla Naos, Isla Perico, and Isla Flamenco. These islands have strip malls, dozens… >>

Panama Now has a VA Clinic for Veterans

For years now, Panama has been a top destination for ex-pats from America and Canada looking to settle and spend their retirement somewhere beautiful. Because of its outstanding climate and breathtaking beaches, it attracts many foreigners each year. As the population is now becoming a mix of Panamanians and ex-pats, a need for additional medical services presented itself. Senior citizens… >>

Playa Coronado the Most Popular Beach Town

The first Panama beach resort is becoming one of the most popular cities among the local and ex-pat community. Coronado Beach is developing quickly. It is attracting retirees and young families who want to raise their children here. If you are thinking about moving to a place that sits on the beachfront and is affordable, Coronado Beach is a strong… >>